Saturday, November 11, 2006

how to make fong rush to your room...

bubba_t2000: come here awhile..
bubba_t2000: 'SENSORED' wants to confess his love to you
fookyih: omg!
fookyih: tell him i love female
fookyih: :P
bubba_t2000: come tell him yourself
fookyih: hahaha
bubba_t2000: he wants you here by his side

TIME TAKEN TO COME TO ROOM.....less than a minute.


Anonymous said...

tharan...i know u r gay....dont let ur gay fren kacau my roomie:P

sm@ll_whit3 said...

chee way..i agree wif u la..tharan..don spoilt fook yih la..hahh.. :p

cavi said...

tharan's not gay! there is proof!!! phw! ask dat pretty girl in his class! he and dat pretty girl 'smtin' 'smtin' wann ;p tharan, sorry ah, i had to reveal ur love story for the sake of ur dignity =)) ROFL