Saturday, August 13, 2005

Alfred car...The Diesel Powered Merzz

Well i have not postet for quite some time. Well the haze that has been shrouding our Nation is beginning to clear today. Evan though MMU declared 2 days off....i was hoping for more, as Taylors got holiday till monday...hey..not fair. But what the heck...we are bored too anyway.

Well thinking about Melaka , i fondly remember Alfred's Mercedes can beat any S class or the 7 series. It once set the record by taking in 8 people..dont play play..haha.

And this is the car that i am talking about. Mercedes Benz 240D . Check out that cool number plate BBL 1081. Hurry go and buy that number...sure strike one..ahaha

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Check out the speedometer. Its slowest speed it 20kmh. That means if the car is stationary , it is travelling it 20kmh... WTF...?? are Mercedes Engineers stupid..??And also check out the mileage...and Alfred told me that was about 2 years ago because it is spoilt...haha

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Take a look at Alfred driving...he is damn cool..haha

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