Monday, December 15, 2008

back once again

Lonnnngggg Before your time, in a time where your grandfather tried acting Macho but ended up looking like a Macha,

lived 2 char siew Pau's. They lived inside a dim sum shop. They were happy together but they were lonely....nobody wanted them. Actually Nobody wanted to buy and eat them

Everyone who came all went and

bought the Main Dishes. Nobody bothered to look at this Side Dishes, so they were sad.

One day......because they were getting old, The Dim Sum Uncle took them and threw them away.

Like humans...they ended up in 'somewhere up there' .

As soon as they reached 'up there ', they met up with The King Of Food. The King Of Food took a look at them and touched both of them and quickly said

" Kuantan Char Siew Pau better. How can people be eating rubbish like this. "

As a result they were sent to

After being there for many years, The ' devils over could not take it anymore. One of the Char Siew Pau's kept sleeping while the other just kept flirting with all the others. One day, the devils could not take it anymore. This is because one of the Char Siew Pau's flirted with a hot chick by the name of Maggi Wan Tan Mee. As a result, they were banished and sent back to earth

as 2 side dishes again.



Nath said...

the "gay" boys again .. hahaha steve and chee wei. lols~

hari said...

hahahaha, looks like tharan is back!! was waitin for ur upadate tharan n it was not dissapointing!! :D

Melvin said...

ROFLMAO nuff said :D