Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I am dead tired..

exam sucks...seriously

anyway just before i went to sleep, this conversation took place

suyi tan: hey u there?
bubba_t2000: yup..just about to turn in for the night
suyi tan: wah
suyi tan: haahah
suyi tan: tot u so late still dowana sleep n u still can wake up so early
bubba_t2000: going soon..hahha..
suyi tan: erm i htink i wont be going, cuz i have a long day tmw,
suyi tan: dowana wake up so early in case i get tired
suyi tan: but i highly doubt i can wake up at 5!!
suyi tan: hahahahaha
bubba_t2000: ahhaa..ala..
suyi tan: maybe another time la ya
bubba_t2000: we gonna miss you
suyi tan: hahahah
suyi tan: hopefull there's more chances
bubba_t2000: eating chicken rice without suyi...is like eating wan tan mee without the wan tan
suyi tan: hahhaha
suyi tan: well, u still have the mee

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