Sunday, November 25, 2007

What a week it was

Well, it was a tiring week. It all started with Camp in Melaka on Saturday. Met up with many friends from the YA Comando Camp in Shah Alam. It was a great time, too bad the rain spoiled the activities. Took the opportunity to get close to my army and also to other armies. We are a greaet sport.haha

At the same week, there was RMMU carnival. The Yellow Army was there everyday, hyping the crowd. I managed to win a few stuffs here and there..ahaha. Not to foget the grand carnival on Thursday which i was on of the Emcees for the Digi Slot. I felt we didnt do that well, as i was rushing things due to time constrains, and i felt very bad later on. And owh ya, not to forget, that day was Stella bday, and i managed to organize a special birthday surprise for her from the Yellow army and also invited Mr P, Shuk, Din, Nicky and Su Yi who was there.

Then there was the Youth Street Festival, and i was proud to have MMU cyber haveing the largest team during the event. I had a great ride on the G force X sling shot, i went up 3 times, and it was for Free. First i went on a test session with Maanoj, then it was with Laura and last but not least with Kit ( Issabelle Friend from Monash ) ahhaa. Had a great supper and had some good laughs when Alvin scared the occupants from Laura's car with his daredevil act. And not to forget Steve Muthu who got down from out car to lift up Laura car's Wipers, haha

In conclusion, i had a tiring but exciting week.


misterp! said...

Guess who popped by!

Tharan said...

hahahaha....misterP....welcome welcome...