Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Tribute to ........ A LEGEND

Hi peeps, you must be wondering if i am writing about George Best.......ok la ..he is a great player, may his soul rest in peace. But what i am gonna write today is about ........ The 240D.....the GREAT 240D. Once upon a time it used to be frequently seen in Taman Dahlia, Ferrying 5 people easily. Its Diesel engine sound chugging along was fondly remembered by the residents of Taman Dahlia and also the Students of MMU. The Car proved to be well liked by the students of MMU and it was the second most remembered car after the Supra.

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Its contribution was endless...chalking up more than 400K in mileage.... maybe evan 600K plus.
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but ..but sadly on the 25th November 2005, The Higher officials in the Soong family decided that ITS TIME has come. Melaka will miss a great car, ......It will never go to Subaidah again , Never step into Soup Shop again, Or Race with Jia Sheng CLK......., Never gonna take 8 people in the car , never gonna go to Pure bar again. Evan the guards in MMU fondly remember seeing this car go in and out of campus.

We cartainly gonna miss you 240D....

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I end my post today with a poem

On the inside I'm crying.
Now it's the end,
So much for The 240D.
I looked at the car,
One last time.
And whispered

GoodBye dear 240D

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oOFooi said...

The Great, 240D. Rest in peace.