Saturday, September 10, 2005

Taiping !!!!!

Taiping , lame town as said by Karen it true..??

funky_leech: taipings a lame town laaaaaaa
funky_leech: but i think pretty much the whole town is scewed up

so i decide to post some pics of taiping

WELCOME TO TAIPING. Where 'buayas' like this call it their home

Image hosted by
Bukit Larut

Image hosted by[IMG]Image hosted by

SHit man.....thats all the pics i time i will post more.


m!lk_w@y said...

is that wat u mean by taiping pic...i cant c anything special oso...that scenary anywhere oso can c ler....a bit lame lar:P

tharan said... time ler..better pics

fuz-buh said...

u forgot to mention this part
tharan : aulong screwed up la

elehhhh sendiri cakap aulong,taiping is also screwed up :P

tharan said...

aulong really really screwed up...... WOnder why you like the place

fuz-buh said...

eh i din say i like the place ok. i thought ure in a taiping loving mode, so naturally i'd assume u like aulong also. the only thing i like abt aulong is the ability to get sesat on the road again and again! heheheh u cant get that elsewhere :P

tharan said...

how to get sesat la......the place so damn small...