Wednesday, March 23, 2005

2 weeks more !!!!

woah.......2 weeks left of this sem.......and i am already feeling the heat. Exams are on its way and i am still preparing for it. Have to work extra hard and clock in extra hours just to make sure i do well in this coming examinations. Everyone around me doing their very best.

My school's old boys meet is on the 9th of april. Wont be able to make it as i have exams coming up. i badly wanted to go for it as we had a great time last year. Kups called me the other day and asked me whether i am going but.....heck i told him sorry la got exams coming up. hehe...mis his 'superbike ' the GREAT AAD.

ok...its gonna be almost 6 in the morning...i better hit the sack. good night .....oops...i mean good morning.

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julian said...

hey tharan,

put a taggie ma, so that we could add some stuffs there :D

seeya. ^_^